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This Threading Course Will Teach You an in Demand, Simple Service You Can Use to Easily Attract New Clients!

...Who Can Later Become PMU Clients!


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Jeanell Moreno @barebrowsbeauty

“Threading is really easy to learn with this course! I'm so excited about all the ways I can use this service now to promote my PMU business!"

What is Threading?

Threading is an extremely popular manual technique that uses thread to remove unwanted hair. It is commonly applied to multiple parts of the face including brows, moustache, sideburns, and the chin. Clients typically return every 2 to 4 weeks, creating recurring revenue for the artist.

What's Included In This Course?

Step by step instructions on how to perform threading (including required materials)

Model videos demonstrating the technique on various parts of the face

How to use the technique to acquire customers and to convert them to PMU services

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Pamela Rios


“As a new artist I needed a way to get new clients. This threading course was sooo helpful. I learned the technique in about 2 weeks and in just a few months I've added over 10 recurring clients and sold several PMU services!"‚Äč

Here’s a Sample Clip From Our Course:


Your Instructor For This Program:

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Joha Perez 


You'll be hard pressed to find a more experienced instructor than Joha Perez to teach you this valuable technique! Joha is a master trainer of permanent makeup and owns her own very successful PMU studio. She has been offering threading as a service since 2005 and teaches the technique in her live PMU courses. Currently, Joha still performs more than 30 threading treatments per month. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

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Amanda Breuer @eastsidemicroblading

“Adding lower priced services like threading is a brilliant option, especially for newer artists looking for a way to attract new clients and get referrals!”

Grab This Program Right Now For Just $199 (Limited Time Only!)